Save Shoreline Trees meeting: Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 7pm
Location: Richmond Beach Library, 19601 21st Ave. NW.

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Once these trees are gone, they are gone forever.

A Shoreline community coalition, Save Shoreline Trees, has formed to bring our Shoreline neighborhoods together for a common cause.

We have two goals:

Let’s stand together and protect our tall trees in Shoreline!

1. By informing and engaging all neighborhoods in Shoreline to come together.

2. Fight for the tall trees in Shoreline and partner with the City to establish a place at the table so the neighborhoods affected have a voice in the development process.

We are all impacted by this.

5000+ trees clear-cut along 5th Ave and the freeway to make room for the Link. This was unexpected and a heartbreak. Too often developers have clear cut lots to build new townhomes or houses and completely ignore the City’s requirements to keep a percentage of trees.

As a result, the tax-paying residents of Shoreline are left without a voice in how their neighborhood is being changed, and we are all affected by the decrease of our tree canopy. This will create more heat in our area, increase noise and light pollution and affect the health of residents, existing trees, and wildlife habitat.

These mature trees provide a natural habitat, improve air quality, store carbon, release oxygen, and calm traffic. They benefit our well being and are a valuable resource for the City of Shoreline. These trees are part of Shoreline’s tall tree heritage. We ask City Council and City Planners to save these trees.

It is noted in transportation studies that people drive slower when there are trees lining the road. Trees absorb carbon helping to protect our planet. Trees are known to help each other through disease and storms. When trees are cut down it affects all the adjoining trees. Trees are home to birds, squirrels and other wildlife and helps keep a healthy ecosystem alive.

From our view it makes little sense to remove healthy mature trees to make more room for cars. We must fight to find the balance between populating Shoreline and allowing for more cars and protecting the iconic trees that make Shoreline a desired place to live.

If this is important to you, please consider joining us!

We are an inclusive group with the primary goal to save any and all trees threatened by development. Our work is collaborative, and we will be broadening our reach to all Shoreline neighborhoods along with creating pathways to work with the City for an effective partnership.

Make your voice heard

We meet weekly on Tuesdays, at 7 p.m. Upcoming meetings: Feb. 4 and Feb. 11 at Highland Terrace Elementary School, 100 N. 160th St. and on Feb.18 at Richmond Beach Library, 19601 21st Ave. NW, Shoreline.

Stay informed

Fill out the contact form on this website and we will send you an invite to join the Save Shoreline Trees email group.

Are you passionate about saving trees?

We are looking for neighbors passionate about the trees and the gifts they give to us everyday.

Contact Us:

Barbara Brant

Melody Fosmore

133 TreesOnce they are gone, they are gone forever.

Come to a meeting!

Tuesday evenings at 7p.m.

Email: to be included in the email list for upcoming meetings and meeting locations.