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Making Sense by Carrie Newcomer

Comments by Dan Keusal to City Council on Jan. 27, 2020 (link)

“Let me go a bit deeper…Trees are valuable both as present, living things, and as ancient, archetypal symbols. They model for us the value of rootedness and of reaching. They remind us to reach down for the essential nutrients we need in order to thrive and grow. And they remind us to reach up toward the light, to engage in a kind of psychological photosynthesis that transforms the “carbon dioxide” from our daily grind into life-giving “oxygen” that fuels our next endeavors. Finally, trees offer us an aesthetic and a presence with nutrients nearly as essential as oxygen itself.”

Written by Isis Charest…”Today I went to commune with the Trees on Dayton…”:

Today I went to commune with the Trees on Dayton. The Trees that the WA Department of Ecology has not fully invested in ecologically. The benefits of Trees have already been sent to you. But your minds seem to be hooked onto the “plan” which perhaps has erased the already living Trees. And yet I know you are all creative and can do better .. for the Trees.

I wonder if when you take a deep breath now you will have second thoughts … for this is what I heard.

“Awaken my trees, your time has come. You have waited for thousands of years, for this time.”

A high frequency sound went out, a new frequency that the trees had not heard before.   Excitement was felt in their trunks, in their roots and their leaves, in their needles and especially in their breath. The trees felt a stronger aliveness, a higher vibration of love. It was now being gifted to the trees … all trees … everywhere.

“Your breath,” the voice said, “will now be felt by every form of life. The humans who thought they were in control of the lives of All Beings on this planet, will now bow down to you, because it is your frequency, your breath that will change everything on this planet, everything here in our home. As you breathe out this higher frequency, humans and All Life will be affected. The love they feel in your breath will transmute everything in their bodies. As you breathe in their breath,  you will transmute what has been  … into this new frequency.  Love will radiate from every tree everywhere. 

It is the gift that I promised you.

It is time.

It is now.”

Let’s save Shoreline trees together!

133 Trees – Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

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